The new VLX LED Series offers clean, functional styling that is defined by its sleek low profile design and rugged construction.

VLX – LED Luminaire

The new VLX LED Series offers clean, functional styling that is defined by its sleek low profile design and rugged construction. It combines LED performance and advanced LED thermal management technology and provides outdoor lighting that is both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

The LED’s performance and the driver’s life are maximized by enclosing them in two separate die cast aluminum housings. Easy tool-less access for mounting and maintenance.

The LED light assemblies come with 96 to 192 LEDs. Seven optical distribution patterns are available. Choose between 3000, 4000 or 5000 Kelvin temperature of the LEDs.

A durable polyester powder coat finish is guaranteed for five years; and is available in standard or custom colors.

The VLX LED series is an exceptional choice for commercial parking lots, office complexes, architectural projects, and other general lighting projects.

Key Features

  • Die Cast aluminum housing
  • Integral heat sink
  • Tool-less entry
  • Separate driver compartment
  • Up to 1 amp operation
  • 50,000+ lumen package
  • 1,000W metal halide replacement


The VLX LED Series is destined to become the standard for which LED area lights are measured. Simple flowing lines that house scalable LEDs that replace traditional HID fixtures for a wide range of lighting applications. From shopping centers to auto dealerships to general parking lots to roadways the VLX LED series is the transition of LED lighting into tomorrow. DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified Product. Some configurations of this product family are not DesignLights Consortium (DLC) listed, please refer to the DLC qualified products list to confirm listed configurations.

Model prefix: VLX

Browse Available VLX Downloads

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Case Study: Chino Hills Ford

78% reduction in lighting energy costs $2,500.00 in reduced annual maintenance costs $42,100.00 – rebate received from utility 62.3% – customer’s return on investment (ROI) $628,629.00 – 10 year cash flow improvement 428 tons of CO2 reduced, enough to power 47 homes annually

Case Study: Morton Grove Audi

When buying a car at McGrath Audi; a premier dealership in Chicago, not only are you buying excellence in a car, you are visiting a pristine automotive dealership. When renovating their lot, McGrath needed an LED fixture that was as aesthetically pleasing as the cars it was showing off. And of course the best fixture for the Job was our VLX.

Case Study: Elgin Honda

Our internal team of photometric specialist’s was able to design a lot tailored to do just this using our VLX. Using our patented optics we were able to cut out almost half of the fixtures Elgin thought they would need with HID lighting. The layout offered them the fewest fixtures while giving them an immensely large Lumen output, while also working with our controls team to design controls for greater adjust-ability. Now, come rain, snow or nightfall, Elgin Honda now has the power to be seen at all times of the day as well as all times of the year.

Case Study: Morton Grove Acura

Replacing 72 fixtures that were previously 1000 Watt Pulse Start with new 359 Watt LED VLX fixtures, we were able to reduce their wattage usage by 721 Watts per fixture.

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