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Welcome! is a division of Visionaire Lighting, a leading manufacture of energy efficient LED lighting solutions for tennis court projects of all levels.

Visionary Tennis LED Lighting Solutions

Visionaire Lighting is a leading manufacture of energy efficient LED lighting. From budget minded community projects to tournament facility outdoor tennis lighting, we have the technology and experience to fulfill your sports lighting needs. Use the form on the right to inquire how Visionaire can provide a solution to your project, or call us direct at (310) 512-6480.

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    Featured LED Tennis Lighting Products

    Our BOW LX LED series is an exceptional choice for tennis court, sports facilities, parks and general area lighting. They offer up to a 110,000+ lumen tennis lighting package for high light level LED applications. A dedicated heat sink for each LED array maximizes the thermal management characteristics of the BOW LX. An adjustable knuckle slip fits over a 2 3/8” Tenon or most existing tennis arms, and allows for up to 90° degrees of vertical adjustment in 10° degree increments from horizontal, as well as full side to side adjustment. Click on the products below to visit detailed product specs on

    BOW SX II Array

    BOW LX II Array



    TNS 100 Tennis Arm

    TNS 101 Tennis Arm

    TNS 102 Tennis Arm

    Success Stories

    One of our premier partner agencies, Brite Court, used the Visionaire BLX II LED to upgrade the Broadstone Racquet Club Facility. The results included a 60% energy reduction, a very happy client, and a very satisfied partner. Whether you are an end consumer or an agency looking for help with your tennis facility client, contact us to start building a solution.

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